Addressing Domestic Violence in Indian Country

MILS staff may provide the full range of services for survivors of domestic violence pursuant to a federal Violence Against Women Act or Victim of Crime Act grant program. This may take the form of MILS as a grantee program, a subgrantee program, or as a host of an attorney from a grantee program where supervision or co-counseling is needed.

Other providers for legal services related to Domestic Violence include the

  • Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (statewide and on-reservation),

  • CvLAP (statewide and on some reservations in the lower peninsula) (,

  • EVE (Lansing area), and

  • local legal aid offices (Call 888-783-8190 for the southern half of the state and visit LSNM to find the correct office to call for the northern half of the state).

For more information on Domestic Violence and Family law, please click here.