Estate Planning and Services for Elders

MILS staff will provide extended service to Indian elders with simple estate planning, which includes simple wills, powers of attorney, property deeds and other similar projects (non-trusts.) MILS will provide full representation to Indian elders seeking to preserve state and federal benefits. Staff will provide legal information to Indian elders when possible at previously scheduled gatherings of Indian elders. 

In addition to services for elders under MILS's priorities, MILS attorneys will draft simple wills, durable powers of attorney, and patient advocate designations for any Pokagon and NHBP Member and their Spouses. Also, MILS will assist with probating uncontested simple estates of Pokagon and NHBP Members and their Spouses; provided, however, that representation shall be limited to providing legal advice and the completion of probate related forms and documents, and shall not include appearance in any court.   

ANA Grant. MILS received a three-year grant to provide estate planning services on-site. We will be conducting 107 on-site clinics at 17 locations around the state over the next three years. Under this grant, the individuals from households with income less than 500% of poverty are eligible. 

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