Expungement - Convictions & Central Registry 

(loss of essential services)

MILS attorneys will provide legal assistance to Native American individuals faced with a loss of essential services, when other legal assistance is unavailable. For example:

1. As resources permit, MILS shall assist clients in expunging tribal and Michigan juvenile delinquency and criminal convictions or placement on the Central Child Abuse and Neglect Registry. 

In general, for a client to qualify under this section of MILS' statement of priorities, the client must have been denied services by their local, general legal aid office. 

Call 888-783-8190 for the southern half of the state and visit LSNM to find the correct office to call for the northern half of the state. 

CURRENT PROJECT:  Although MILS' expungement priority is statewide, we are currently focusing expungement services in northwestern Michigan. MILS is collaborating with Northwest Michigan Works, which will assist clients at the beginning of the process by helping to gather the information and documents needed for an attorney to evaluate their case, and Safe and Just Michigan. MILS will provide legal representation in the expungement court proceedings for income-eligible clients with convictions in the Northwest Michigan region. We are also coordinating with other legal aid providers around the state who will assist income-eligible clients with convictions arising from courts in other areas of Michigan.

Starting in February 2022, a first-time operating while intoxicated offense will be eligible for expungement in certain situations.