Health Care

(loss of essential services)

MILS attorneys will provide legal assistance to Native American individuals faced with a loss of essential services, when other legal assistance is unavailable. For example:

MILS shall assist clients in securing needed health care. As examples, permissible activities under this priority include cases or matters which seek to secure medical services or coverage for low income persons, such as MA, Medicare, SMA, RCHP, private insurance, etc. Permissible activities include medical Power of Attorneys. Permissible activities include cases or matters which seek payment for services already provided or which seek relief from medical debt. 

In general, for a client to qualify under this section of MILS' statement of priorities, the client must have been denied services by their local, general legal aid office. 

Call 888-783-8190 for the southern half of the state and visit LSNM to find the correct office to call for the northern half of the state.