Public Benefits 

(Loss of 

Essential Services)

MILS attorneys will provide legal assistance to Native American individuals faced with a loss of essential services, when other legal assistance is unavailable. For example:

1. As resources permit, MILS shall assist clients in expunging tribal and Michigan juvenile delinquency and criminal convictions or placement on the Central Child Abuse and Neglect Registry

2. MILS may represent individuals who will lose public benefits or benefits guaranteed to other citizens when federal Indian law or tribal law is involved (e.g, the Jay Treaty, Michigan Indian Land Claims Act, tribal Revenue Allocation Plans, etc). 

3. As resources permit, MILS attorneys shall assist clients in seeking the restoration of driving privileges at the administrative level.

4. MILS shall assist clients in securing needed health care. As examples, permissible activities under this priority include cases or matters which seek to secure medical services or coverage for low income persons, such as MA, Medicare, SMA, RCHP, private insurance, etc. Permissible activities include medical Power of Attorneys. Permissible activities include cases or matters which seek payment for services already provided or which seek relief from medical debt.

5. MILS shall advocate for low income persons within the legal system so that low income persons have full and fair access to that system.

6. MILS shall attempt, through its legal work, to strengthen the Native communities. MILS is part of a network of agencies providing services to the community’s poorest citizens. Moreover, in many instances, the quality of life for the community’s poorest citizens is affected by more general community initiatives. MILS should engage in work intended to improve services to the low income community and in work which strengthens the overall community.

7. MILS shall attempt, through its legal work, to strengthen the families within the Native communities. Many of MILS’s case specific priorities are in areas that support the integrity, safety, and well-being of the family. Because of the importance of the family to our society and to our communities, cases and matters which have the goal of strengthening families are permissible cases under this statement.

In general, for a client to qualify under this section of MILS' statement of priorities, the client must have been denied services by their local, general legal aid office. 

Call 888-783-8190 for the southern half of the state and visit LSNM to find the correct office to call for the northern half of the state.