Michigan Legal Aid Offices

Michigan Indian Legal Services is one of six Legal Services Corporation funded Legal Aid offices in Michigan.


MichiganLegalHelp.org provides online forms and tools to assist Michigan residents solve their legal problems in the state court system without an attorney. Not everyone is able to get the assistance of a Legal Aid attorney. MichiganLegalHelp.org can help you with your legal problem by providing online instructions for handling common legal issues, under Michigan and federal law, without an attorney. In addition to its library of forms for court cases within the Michigan court system, MichiganLegalHelp.org can provide you with information regarding self-help centers and other resources in your area.

On-Line Bankruptcy Help

If you need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to file your bankruptcy through Upsolve. Upsolve is a national non-profit that helps people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy at no cost. Read about whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you and visit Upsolve’s web site, upsolve.org, to see if you qualify.