NAILS Library


David Getches, Difficult Beginnings for Indian Legal Services, 30 NLADA BRIEFCASE 181 (1972).
Joan Lieberman, American Indians, Their Need for Legal Services (1976) (MILS does not have a copy - if anyone does, please share and I will post here).
Tosco Foundation, Getches and Greene, Legal Services Corporation: American Indian Population Study (October 1978) (on file at the MILS office - to be scanned).
Waubansee memo to Lyons; Indian Expansion Funds; (October 13, 1978) (Discussing original 8 OEO programs, undercount in the census, formula for 15 expansion grants, and whether there is a “double count” of Native Americans in funding allocations).
Special Legal Problems and Problems of Access to Legal Services of Veterans, Native Americans, People with Limited English-Speaking Abilities, Migrants and Seasonal Farm Workers, and Individuals in Sparsely Populated Areas (also known as the 1007(h) study) (1979) (Summary, Vol 1, & Vol 2 are file in the MILS library, portions regarding Native Americans included here). Portions regarding Veterans here.
Schmidt memo to Higgins; Overview of Native American Funding (September 17, 1987) (containing information concerning basis for OEO funding, duty to study problems of special access, and factors to consider in a funding formula).
Kirke Kickingbird & Don Sepulvado, American Indians and Legal Services: 1966-1988 (March 1988).
Smead memo to Wear; Rationale for Grant Lines (December 16, 1988) (Including a section on Native American funding with a brief review of the history of, and justification for, allocation of NA funding).
Steve Moore memo to NAILS Directors re PAG "Futures" paper with attachments (February 23, 1989).
Report by William J. Lutz; Profile: Native American Program (September 9, 1991) (Describing the structure of the Native American program. Discusses variations in population calculations. Contains a program-by-program list of NA funding).
Meyer memo to Moses; Native American Funding per Poor Person (June 15, 1992) (Calculating that, by census, funding would be $20.00 per poor Native American).
deBettencourt memo to Smead; Native American funding issues (June 26, 1992) (Reviewing history and sets forth backout options. Contains chart of programs and amounts).
Smead memo to O’Hara; Native American Backout (October 29, 1992) (Listing four policy options concerning backout).
NAILS to PAG and Sen McCain to LSC Board (1993).
Bergmark and Singsen memo to LSC Board; Funding Policy for First Quarter of FY 1996 (December 18, 1995) (Informs the Board of the 1996 appropriation language that maintains the NA proportion at the same level as 1995. Also sets forth the requirement that communities that received assistance in 1995 are to be funded separate from the per capita funding).
NAILS Statement (1996).
Testimony of NAILS to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs (June 1998).
Eric Dahlstrom & Randolph Barnhouse, Legal Needs & Services in Indian Country (January 1999).
Genz and Worrell memo to McKay; Native American Funding (July 2, 1999) (Contains by-state listing of funding for NA programs. Recommends raising underfunded programs to the basic field per capita level at a cost of $1.1 million).
Noe memo to Worrell; Explanation of Data Used in Native American Funding Charts (August 4, 1999) (Presents funding chart and explains it).
Worrell memo to McKay; FY 2000 Plan for Native American Funding Adjustments and Initiatives (March 7, 2000) (Discusses (1) raising the floor to $10 per capita, (2) expanding service areas from county or reservation to entire state, and (3) creating new NA service areas for New York and Florida. Contains attachments with cost projections and census documents).
Worrell memo to McKay; FY 2000 Plan for Native American Funding Adjustments and Initiatives (same title as March 7 memo) (April 11, 2000) (Further discussion of the above).
Youells memo to Meyer, Supplemental Funding for Native American Programs and Components (January 23, 2001) (Presents the new levels for the 13 programs to be increased and presents justifications).
LSC’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2006 (reproduced in part) (Includes request for an additional $1 million for “certain under-funded programs serving Native Americans”).
National Association of Indian Legal Services, Legal Needs & Services in Indian Country; NAILS update to Dahlstrom-Barnhouse's 1998 Report to the LSC (January 2008).
US Dept of Interior, BIA, 2013 American Indian Population and Labor Force Report (and prior).
Houseman and Perle, CLASP, Securing Equal Justice for All A Brief History of Civil Legal Assistance in the United States (2018 revision).
James A. Keedy, The History of Indian Legal Services, Michigan Bar Journal, Volume 98, No. 8, page 26 (August 2019).
Kaiser Family Foundation, Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity/State (2021).
2022 LSC Funding Formula Summary