Domestic Violence (Tribal Law)

In 2019, MILS received an Administration of Justice grant from the Michigan State Bar Foundation. Tribal domestic violence issues present a maze of federal regulations and tribal laws, some of which may be confusing, particularly to vulnerable victims of domestic violence who are without resources for hiring legal counsel. Furthermore, many of the protections provided in Michigan state law are inapplicable and therefore not available to protect tribal victims of domestic violence. Copies of the tribal codes, fillable court forms with instructions, and “Know Your Rights” brochures will be generated specific to each of the tribes, which will include information on local resources. This information will be placed on the Michigan Indian Legal Services’ (MILS) website and the website for Uniting Three Fires Against Violence (UTFAV). MILS will send out information launching the project via Mail Chimp to its 1,500 contacts. In addition, UTFAV will provide on-site outreach in the communities.

Stay tuned!!!