Filing a Complaint


        Any individual or organization that requests the assistance of Michigan Indian Legal Services who is determined by MILS to be not eligible for the assistance of MILS, or is dissatisfied with the services provided, or believes MILS has violated the LSC Act, regulations, instructions or guidelines, shall have the right to file a grievance and shall be furnished the following information at the time of the initial interview or inquiry:


1.     If a statement is given orally, it shall immediately be transcribed and signed by the complainant.


2.     The Executive Director should immediately review any grievance.  


3.     The Executive Director shall attempt to resolve any grievance regarding  the quality of legal representation or violation of LSC requirements as soon as practicable, but should not exceed thirty (30) days without extenuating  circumstances. The director shall submit a written statement of facts and conclusion to the complainant.


4.     The complainant shall have the right to choose to have the grievance heard in person or submitted in writing to the Grievance Committee of the Board of Trustees of MILS when dissatisfied with the Executive Director's decision.


5.     The complainant shall also have the right to have a statement dictated for inclusion in the grievance file.


6.     The MILS Grievance Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson in compliance with 45 CFR 1621.2 and shall meet at such times as necessary to hear or review client's grievances and shall render a written statement of facts and conclusions.


7.     MILS shall retain a file of all grievances and statements of their disposition.  The files shall be available to the Legal Services Corporation for inspection, but shall not disclose any information which would violate the attorney-client privilege unless a specific waiver by the client is obtained.


8.     The complainant shall also be informed of the existence of any local group that may be able to counsel the complainant about the subject of the grievance.


9.     The complainant shall also be informed of the right to file any grievance against  MILS for apparent violation of the Legal Services Corporation Act or Regulations with the Legal Services Corporation, 3333 K Street, NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20007-3522.


10.   Pursuant to LSC Regulations, this Complaint Procedure shall be conspicuously posted in the offices of MILS.



Revised by MILS

Board of Trustees

May 30, 2017