Cameron Ann Fraser, Executive Director, Attorney

photo of Cami Fraser

MILS's Executive Director, Cami Fraser, rejoined the MILS staff in 2007 after having served as a law clerk during the summer of 1998. Cami received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Iowa in 1997, where she majored in Political Science and minored in Anthropology and earned a certificate in American Indian and Native Studies. She earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan in 2000. Upon graduation from law school, Cami practiced law in Alaska for over two years and then worked for a tribe in Washington State. She is a member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, where she serves as an elected judge, and is also enrolled with the Cherokee Nation. 

Cami is a former member of the Steering Committee for the National Association of Indian Legal Services and is a past chair of the Indian Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. She is a member of the State Bar’s American Indian Law Committee and sits on the Justice For All Regulatory and Practice Reform Work Group (non-attorney practice subcommittee). In 2021, Cami was appointed to the Michigan Task Force on Juvenile Justice Reform. In 2022, she was appointed to the Michigan DHHS' Child Welfare Improvement Task Force. Cami was also selected to be an observer for the Uniform Law Commission Study Committee on whether to draft a model or uniform Indian Child Welfare Act.  In 2023, she was appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court-State Court Administrative Office's Child Protection Legal Representation Taskforce. 

Holly Bird, Attorney (part-time)

photo of Holly Bird

Holly joined the MILS staff in July of 2022. Holly earned her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University in 1992 and her Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law in 1999. She is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and has served as a tribal judge (trial and appellate) for more than one tribe in Michigan. 

Marc Dedenbach, Attorney (part-time under ANA grant)

Marc joined the MILS staff to work on estate-planning under the ANA grant in 2022. He has had a very full legal career and is current semi-retired. His prior practice includes representing hospitals and serving as a prosecutor. Marc earned his undergraduate degree from Northern Michigan University with a B.S. in Political Science, his masters degree from Michigan State University, and his Juris Doctor from Thomas Cooley Law School.

Laura Foerster, Attorney (part-time)

photo of Laura Foerster

Laura rejoined the MILS staff in 2021 as a part-time attorney, primarily focusing on cases seeking to expunge criminal records. She had previously served on the MILS staff under an AmeriCorps grant to provide services as part of a medical-legal partnership.  Laura received her Juris Doctor from  Thomas Cooley Law School, her undergrad degree in Nursing from Indiana University, and her Masters of Science in Nursing from McKendree University. She has experience as a nurse, lawyer, and as an educator. 

Lisa Gray, Attorney

photo of Lisa Gray

Lisa joined MILS in 2019. Prior to joining MILS, Lisa worked primarily in civil litigation, representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Before working in civil litigation, Lisa worked throughout the State of Michigan as a Hearing Referee for the Michigan Tax Tribunal and volunteered as a pro-bono attorney for several legal aid organizations in Oakland County. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University in 2005 and her Juris Doctor from Michigan State University Detroit College of Law in 2010.

Robert Mendham, Attorney

Robert Mendham joined the MILS staff in September of 2022.  He is a former defense attorney, prosecutor, and Detective Sergeant with the Michigan State Police (retired). Bob received his Juris Doctor from Thomas Cooley Law School and attended college at Lake Superior State University and Eastern Michigan University. 

Yvette Weese, Attorney - bar license pending (ANA grant)

photo of Yvette Weese

Yvette Weese, a member of the Grand Traverse Band (GTB) of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians recently rejoined MILS staff in September 2021. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies from Grand Valley State University in 2008. After taking time off to gain work experience, Yvette began attending Michigan State College of Law, where she graduated from this past Spring 2021. Yvette previously worked as an extern with MILS in the Summer of 2019, where she was able to help with a domestic violence grant. Following her externship with MILS, she did an externship with the GTB Prosecutors Office in Spring of 2020, and then worked as a part time legal assistant for the same office until September 2021. 

Michelle Zylstra, Attorney (southwest Michigan)

photo of Michelle Zylstra

Michelle joined MILS in September 2020.  She is a 2006 graduate of Western Michigan University with a major in Communications.  She went on to graduate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2015 and is licensed to practice law in Michigan and Indiana.  She is based out of Grand Rapids and will be serving MILS clients as an attorney for SW Michigan.

Hank Fields, Communications and Pro Bono Coordinator (part-time)

photo of Hank Fields

Hank joined the MILS staff in September of 2019 to help establish our new Pro Bono Program. He received his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University and his MBA from Ferris State University. He also holds MA degrees in Project Management and IP Law and his paralegal degree. His extensive experience in marketing has helped shape the dynamic programs for Warner Bros Music, Google, and Hilton Hotels. After spending more than twenty years in strategic management, Hank understands what propels businesses forward and how to increase organizational efficiency for optimized performance. He is a Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa member and is happy to be back home.

photo of Jeannie Brooks

Jeannie Brooks, Administrative Assistant

Jeannie joined the MILS staff in 2020 and is a long-time Grand Traverse county resident.  She handles the bulk of the MILS' bookkeeping and human resources responsibilities. 

photo of Shocko Hall

Shocko Hall, Legal Assistant 

Shocko joined the MILS staff in 2020!  He was a long-term employee at the Grand Traverse Band, where he is a member. 

Merry Koon, Clerical (part-time)

photo of Child and Merry Koon

Merry Koon has been part of the MILS family since the 1990s.  She has been an employee and Board member. She is currently working as a clerk in our Traverse City office. She is a member of the Little River Band of Ottawa. She is also a proud great-grandmother!  

Karen Oskaboose, Legal Assistant

photo of Karen Oskaboose

Karen rejoined the MILS staff in December of 2020. She had served as a legal assistant for MILS between 2005 and 2010. She is a citizens of the Little River Band of Ottawa and a proud grandmother! 

Dalia Menchaca, Clerical (part-time)

photo of Dalia Menchaca

Dalia was hired in 2022 to help MILS migrate data from our in-office server to a cloud-based storage system so that MILS employees who are working remotely can more easily access documents. Dalia is a Licensed Practical Nurse having received her degree from Northwestern Michigan College in 2015 and performing her clinical rotations through Munson Medical Center.