Board of Trustees

photo of Board members and others on staircase
photo of Members in front of law books
older photo of members in front of bookcases

Board of Trustees

Jennifer Beatty, President (appointed March 30, 2019)

Stanette Amy, Vice-President (appointed October 1, 2022)

Zachary Fallstich, Secretary/Treasurer (appointed October 1, 2022)

Hon. Sean Cahill (appointed October 1, 2023)

Prof. Kirsten Matoy Carlson (appointed October 1, 2021)

Sherry Frazier (appointed September 18, 2021)

Eva Kennedy (appointed February 9, 2019 - AIS)

Glenn Petoskey (appointed September 20, 2020)

Hon. Tanya Wanageshik (appointed October 1, 2021)

Amy Wesaw (appointed October 1, 2023)

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photo of members in line