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NARF's book Labor and Employment in Indian Country is available for purchase.

Michigan Law Topics

(adopted by some of the Tribes in Michigan) 

Unemployment Benefits- How to file for Unemployment Benefits, including information about eligibility. Also, The Unemployed Worker Advocacy Assistance is available at 1-800-638-3994, select option 3.

Notice of Overpayment- If you received a notice of overpayment of unemployment benefits find out what to do. 

Worker's Comp- If you become injured or ill from the work you do, you may be eligible for Worker's Compensation Benefits. For more information on eligibility and applying visit Michigan Legal Help's Worker's Comp page.

Non-payment for work performed- Find out about wage laws and what to do if you have not been paid for work performed. For issues with an employer failing to pay you, you can file a complaint with the State. 

Workplace discrimination- Learn more about forms of employment discrimination and what your rights are

Workplace safety concerns- Michigan Legal Help provides an article about workplace safety and what to do if your workplace may be in violation. 

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