Estate Planning 

MILS can help you with estate planning. To begin the process, fill out as much as you can of the appropriate questionnaire(s) from the list below. For assistance, call MILS at 231-947-0122.

Estate Planning Checklist (for all clients)

Personal Information (for all clients)

Last Will & Testament 

Real Estate 

Medical DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney)

General DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney)

Funeral Representative Designation 

Enhanced Life Estate (Ladybird Deed)


Factsheets on Inheriting Indian Lands

Estate Planning Services Pilot of the American Indian Probate Reform Act Implementation Project

Do-It-Yourself Indian Will for Native Americans (For Use in: Minnesota, Montana, and Oklahoma)

Additional information on wills and estates in Michigan can be found at 

Contact MILS

For assistance, please call MILS at 231-947-0122. 

Other Sources of Help

Lakeshore Legal Aid's Video Library:

Understanding Wills in Michigan

MILS Presentation on Estate Planning

Introduction to the Native American Tribal Court